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About LoaderTools

About LoaderTools

We are a U.S.A. manufacturer of various upgrades for reloading tools including Primer Catchers, Brasskets, Shotshell Trimmers, Primer Directors, and Powder Dispenser Nozzles to name a few.

Our items are mostly 3D printed. We have extensive experience with 3D printing and know how to produce quality long lasting products.

Social Media and Sales

We now have a new eBay store http://stores.ebay.com/loadertools 

On Amazon search the word LoaderTools

Lots of videos of my products, most short product announcements Click Here

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On facebook customers leave comments and questions, If we have announcements they
will be posted there, also on occassion we have random drawings for prizes.  
Come and join the group if your interested in our upgrades for your press